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Highland Camp and Learning Center

Highland Camp is a premier experiential learning centre on Mount Paseban, offering HR training, team building, and recreational activities in a captivating natural environment.

Highland Camp Learning Center is a human resource training and development center based on the experiential learning method. Situated on the western ridge of Mount Paseban, Bogor, at an elevation ranging from 949 to 1086 meters above sea level. The surrounding environment is enveloped by mountainous forests, water elements, and a captivating natural landscape. The Highland Camp area is specially designed for human resource training and development activities based on the experiential learning method. 

This approach allows participants to learn through direct experience and active participation in challenging activities. Participants also have the opportunity to hone teamwork skills, leadership, and develop a better understanding of attitudes and values needed in the workplace. With its comprehensive facilities, Highland Camp can accommodate various activities, from outings and gatherings to training events and workshops. There are also various recreational facilities, including a high rope area that can be used for skill development and enjoyable learning experiences.

Highland Camp Training Center also offers activities such as corporate gatherings, outings, and educational and recreational camping with a fun outbound and adventure theme. In addition to training and nature tourism activities, Highland Camp also provides various recreational products such as paintball and archery. Paintball is a simulated battle with game objectives based on the “survival of the forest” principle. Paintball activities can enhance intelligence, accuracy, and team strategy. Similarly, with archery, it remains grounded in the survival of the forest principle.

Highland Camp Learning Center, located in Paseban Megamendung, Bogor, is accessible from Jakarta. Follow the directions from Ciawi Toll Gate towards Puncak. Turn left onto Jl. Cilember, just after Cimory River Side. Take a left onto Jl. Pesantren, following the route to Jl. Curug Panjang.

FAQ Highland Camp Learning Center

The Highland Camp LC FAQ provides comprehensive answers to common queries regarding program details, requesting a program, activities, facilities, registration processes, and other relevant information.

Highland Camp Learning Center is a facility developed by the Highland Indonesia Group to facilitate training, education, and special interest tourism.

Highland Camp Learning Center offers diverse facilities, including 11 campsites, five waterfalls for activities like swimming and river trekking, three rivers for trekking, an Education and Conservation Park for biodiversity observation, and additional amenities such as clean toilets, a prayer room, an information center, parking, and entrance monitoring.

You can contact the Highland Camp Learning Center hotline at +62 811-140-996 to plan your training program.