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Program Management Cycle

HEXs' Program Management Cycle begins with "Requesting a Program" and moves through TNA, Course Proposal, "Discussion, Meeting, and Dealing," Action Program, and concludes with Post-Course, encompassing Reporting and Evaluation for continuous improvement.

It's a request for a program from a website or other media at HEXs Indonesia, followed by further action or exploration, including TNA (Training Needs Analysis), and subsequent creation of a Course Proposal, Discussion, Meeting, and Dealing.

Or the Terms of Reference (TOR) is an evaluation and analysis process employed to identify training needs within an organization or group, aiming to enhance the performance or competence of individuals or teams. The TNA/TOR process involves data collection, analysis, and decision-making to plan and implement training programs tailored to the identified needs.

Following the completion of the Training Needs Analysis (TNA), HEXs then formulates a detailed training proposal encompassing the training program, activity flow, training location, and associated investment details.

Subsequently, the submission of the training documentation to relevant parties is followed by a comprehensive phase involving discussions, meetings, and negotiations. This collaborative process aims to address any queries, align expectations, and finalize essential details pertaining to the proposed training program.

In the comprehensive Action Program of training, the initial phase involves meticulous preparation to ensure the seamless execution of the training. This includes detailed planning, resource allocation, and logistical arrangements. Subsequently, the implementation phase commences, where the actual training activities are carried out according to the outlined plan. This involves engaging participants actively, conducting the scheduled sessions, and closely monitoring the progress of the training. Throughout both the preparation and implementation stages, the focus is on delivering a meaningful and impactful learning experience aligned with the objectives of the training program.

In the Post-Course phase, HEXs focuses on Reporting and Evaluation. Reporting involves summarizing the training outcomes, while Evaluation assesses the program's impact, gathers feedback, and informs future improvements.