About Us

HEXs Indonesia

Established in early 2019, Highland Experience School focuses on providing non-technical training and developing soft skills through outdoor learning with Experiential Learning as its methodology.

Highland Experience School (HEXs Indonesia) fosters HRD through Experiential Learning, emphasising direct experiences. Established for individual and social skill development, utilising nature as an instructional environment.

HEXs Indonesia employs Experiential Learning, emphasising direct experiences as the primary learning tool, progressing through stages: Concrete Experience, Reflective Observation, Abstract Conceptualization, and Active Experimentation. Participants actively engage in experimental training, encouraging direct experience, diverse observation, logical analysis, and informed actions, drawing implications from concepts to guide in facing new experiences.

HRD activities centre around Highland Camp Learning Center and Halimun Mountains. Highland Camp offers diverse training and tourism, while Halimun Mountains host nature-based youth programs. Jatiluhur, with its aquatic ambiance, is used for team building and leadership training by national and international entities.These locations reflect HEXs Indonesia’s commitment to creating transformative learning experiences amidst diverse natural settings.

Highland Experience Indonesia envisions being a trailblazer in training and human resource development, employing the Experiential Learning methodology. Our vision is to create a dynamic and transformative learning environment, facilitating the holistic growth of individuals and fostering leadership qualities. Committed to providing a unique and immersive experience, we aim to redefine traditional training methods. Our vision is to be the forefront entity in developing adaptive, skilled professionals, and leaders who contribute significantly to their organizations and society.

Highland Experience Indonesia’s mission is to revolutionize training and human resource development through the effective application of Experiential Learning. We are dedicated to providing immersive, hands-on experiences that cultivate practical skills and enhance personal and professional growth. Our mission includes fostering a culture of continuous learning, where individuals are empowered to adapt, innovate, and thrive in dynamic environments. We aim to be a catalyst for organizational success by equipping participants with the tools, mindset, and resilience needed to excel in their respective fields. Through our mission, we strive to elevate the standard of training and development, contributing to the creation of skilled, agile, and visionary professionals.

HEXs Indonesia, a leading provider of experiential learning programs, upholds core values that shape its culture and operations:

  • Excellence: Striving for the highest quality in all programs.
  • Integrity: Committed to honesty, transparency, and fairness.
  • Collaboration: Believing in the necessity of teamwork for success.
  • Innovation: Constantly seeking innovative ways to facilitate learning.
  • Social Responsibility: Dedicated to making a positive impact on the community.

Experience is Learning

The axiom “experience is learning” which is an organizational value has deep philosophical meaning in the domains of epistemology and ontology. Epistemologically, it challenges the conventional idea that knowledge is solely derived from abstract reasoning, asserting instead that genuine understanding arises from direct, lived experiences. This aligns with empiricism, suggesting that knowledge is rooted in sensory encounters and challenging the notion that learning is confined to theoretical constructs. 

Ontologically, the philosophy implies that existence is intricately connected to our interactions with the world, echoing existentialist principles that emphasize the role of individual experiences in shaping identity. It also resonates with phenomenology, focusing on the subjective nature of consciousness, and pragmatism, highlighting the practical applicability and transformative impact of experiential learning.

In essence, the philosophy of “experience is learning” encapsulates a dynamic interplay between the individual and their encounters with the world, challenging traditional views on knowledge acquisition and placing a premium on the practical consequences and transformative potential of direct experiences.