highland camp learning center

Highland Camp Learning Center

Highland Camp and Learning Center, nestled on the western slopes of Mount Paseban in Bogor, Indonesia, stands as a distinguished hub for human resource training and development. Situated at elevations ranging from 949 to 1086 meters above sea level, the surrounding environment is adorned with mountainous forests, water elements, and captivating natural landscapes.

This centre pioneers adventure learning programmes, immersing participants in challenging situations with diverse activities beyond their usual routine in the lower mountainous forest area. Employing experiential learning methods, participants engage actively, acquiring teamwork and leadership skills while developing a nuanced understanding of attitudes and values essential in a professional setting.

Highland Camp and Learning Center extends a spectrum of activities, from outings, gatherings, to training events and workshops. The high rope area and various recreational facilities offer enjoyable avenues for skill development and experiential learning. Additionally, the centre presents foundational leadership training programmes (LDK) tailored for secondary school students and university attendees, along with campus orientations and environmentally rooted activities, including outdoor pursuits.

With its comprehensive facilities, Highland Camp and Learning Center accommodates a myriad of events, from outings and gatherings to training sessions and workshops. The centre also hosts activities such as paintball and archery, each grounded in the principle of “survival of the forest.” Paintball, a simulated battle game, hones intelligence, precision, and team strategy, while archery aligns with the same survival ethos, offering participants unique learning experiences.

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