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About HEXs Indonesia

Highland Experience School, henceforth referred to as HEXs Indonesia, is an entity that facilitates Human Resource Development (HRD) activities using the Experiential Learning method in its educational process. Established as a manifestation to foster the development of individual capabilities and social skills, the institution utilizes nature as the learning environment and instructional material.

The Experiential Learning method employed by HEXs Indonesia emphasizes direct experience as the primary asset in the learning process, progressing through stages such as Concrete Experience, Reflective Observation, Abstract Conceptualization, and Active Experimentation.

Each participant actively engages in the training process through experimentation, encouraging learners to directly experience various concrete situations, observe from different perspectives, logically analyze a variety of ideas, and take actions based on their understanding of a situation, including taking risks. These implications are derived from several concepts and serve as a guide in facing new experiences. Ultimately, a learner can reflect on the taught concepts in their daily life.

Highland Experience School (HEXs Indonesia) was founded in early 2019 with a focus on being a provider of non-technical training and the development of soft skills through an outdoor learning approach with Experiential Learning as its methodology. The institution is designed for corporations, governmental institutions, and educational entities. Under the leadership of Co-founder Yogie Bhaktiansyah, HEXs Indonesia facilitates its learning processes at the Highland Camp Learning Center, located in Mount Paseban, the Halimun Mountains, and Jatiluhur.

HEXs Programs

Highland Experience School (HEXs Indonesia) facilitates a diverse range of programs for corporations, educational institutions, and governmental bodies. Its programs cover various essential aspects of human resources related to personal, social, and organizational development. The Human Resource Development Program focuses on strengthening individual capabilities, Team Building cultivates synergistic cooperation, Leadership Development nurtures exemplary leaders, and Character Building solidifies the uniqueness of individuals with their diverse competencies.

In addition to these, HEXs Indonesia also offers other essential programs such as the Management Development Program (MD), emphasizing managerial skill enhancement, Personal Development for achieving optimal potential, and Operational Development Program (ODP) supporting operational efficiency. For aspiring leaders, HEXs Indonesia provides the Management Trainee Program (MT), delving into contemporary leadership knowledge. Not to be overlooked, the Account Executive Development Program (AEDP) serves as a unique offering to sharpen executive account skills.

For youth education programs, they are designed not only to encourage academic achievement but also character formation and noble values in the younger generation, including educational programs. Most youth activities take place in the Halimun mountains, such as Student Leadership Basic Training (LDKS), Live-Ins in the Malasari, Kiarasari tourist villages, or the traditional village of Ciptagelar, Youth Development Outbound, Character Building Programs for children and teenagers, as well as environmental, social, conservation, and other programs.

In its role as a change agent, HEXs Indonesia serves as a catalyst that provides essential momentum for strengthening core organizational values and competencies inherent in each individual. This aligns with the spirit of enhancing competitiveness in facing the challenges of the technological and open era. By integrating holistic education elements and focusing on experiential learning, HEXs Indonesia has evolved into the forefront in advancing the field of HRD in Indonesia.

Learning Center

In conducting its Human Resource Development (HRD) training and development programs, HEXs Indonesia focuses its activities on two locations that exude the beauty of sub-montane mountain forests. The first location is the Highland Camp Learning Center, situated on the southwest slope of Mount Paséban, with its highest point reaching 1,389 meters above sea level.

Highland Camp was developed by the Highland Indonesia Group to facilitate various specialized training, educational, and tourism exploration activities. The topography of the Highland Camp area is characterized by hills and valleys abundant with diverse sub-montane forest vegetation. Surrounding the Highland Camp are the headwaters of the Cirangrang river and waterfalls (curug) whose waters flow towards the Ciesek river, eventually merging into the Ciliwung river. In addition to Highland Camp, HEXs Indonesia conducts its learning activities in the Halimun Mountains and Jatiluhur.

The Halimun Mountains, with their natural charm, cultural richness, and the hospitality of their communities, serve as the main stage for nature-based education and youth training programs. These programs include live-ins and various initiatives in conservation, environmental, social, and cultural realms. The Halimun Mountains are not merely seen as locations but as inspirational spaces to shape empowered and broad-minded youth.

In contrast to the mountainous and forested environments of the previous two locations, Jatiluhur, with its aquatic and coastal ambiance, is extensively utilized by national and international corporations as well as governmental institutions for team-building, leadership, character-building, and other training activities.

This encapsulates the essence of HEXs Indonesia, where entering the diversity of nature and culture becomes an integral element in human resource development. The presence of the Highland Camp Learning Center on the southwest ridge of Mount Paseban and other locations is tangible evidence of our commitment to creating profound and transformative learning experiences amidst the enchanting natural surroundings.

Establishment and Focus

Experience is a learning process in which learners engage in real-life situations, acquire new knowledge, develop skills, and gain profound insights. Through experiences, learners interact with their environment, overcome challenges, feel success and failure, and reflect on the deeper meaning of what they have undergone. Experiential learning combines cognitive, affective, and emotional aspects, helping a learner better understand concepts, foster self-confidence, and prepare for more complex and diverse situations in the future.

Embracing every experience as a learning opportunity is an approach that teaches us to appreciate and derive benefits from every situation we encounter in life. When we adopt this perspective, we open up space for reflection, observation, and insight from various experiences, both positive and challenging. ‘Experience Is Learning’ as a philosophy will aid us in building mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience. From moments of success, we can draw lessons about effective strategies, hard work, and determination. On the other hand, from difficult or challenging experiences, we can learn resilience, how to overcome obstacles, and evaluate aspects that can be improved.

Realizing that every experience brings lessons helps us grow as individuals. It also opens up opportunities to design wiser approaches to future events. By learning and responding to experiences with a learning mindset, we create a solid foundation for personal development and lifelong growth. And, with HEXs Indonesia, let us engineer experiences for learning!

Yogie Bhaktiansyah


Q : What is HEXs Indonesia?

A : HEXs Indonesia is a Human Resource Development Training and Development institution that applies the Experiential Learning method in each of its learning models.

Q : How does HEXs Indonesia differ from other training institutions?

A : HEXs Indonesia distinguishes itself by focusing on Experiential Learning, where learning occurs through direct experience, encompassing cognitive, affective, and emotional aspects for holistic development.

Q : What programs are offered by HEXs Indonesia?

A : HEXs Indonesia offers a variety of programs, including Human Resource Development, Team Building, Leadership Development, Character Building, Management Development, and other programs supporting individual and group development.